ILBA Associates

prof. Josip Brumec, Ph.D
is a professor at Faculty of Organization and Informatics (FOI), University of Zagreb. He teaches Business Process Modeling and Information Systems Design in undergraduate studies, Strategic Planning of Information Systems in postgraduate studies, and ERP Systems Development on doctoral study. He is engaged in business process modeling, information systems design, ERP development, practices for improving business excellence and measuring effects of modern ICT. He has published about 80 papers and conducted several research projects.

Before coming to the University, he worked for 26 years in Rade Končar company as computer scientist and CEO of software development division Rade Končar - Infos. As consultant for industry and nonprofit organizations he applies the results of theoretical research into practical use.

Slaven Brumec, Ph.D (B.Sc in Computing)
He finished computing at the Faculty of electrical engineering and computing in Zagreb, and a Ph.D. at Faculty of organization and informatics in Varaždin. For nine years he worked in IN2 and APIS IT in the development of complex information systems. Since 2010.  he is employed in Koris company on design of information systems, business process modeling and software development. He holds several certifications including the OMG Certified Expert in BPM (first in Croatia). The main areas of professional interest are mobile information systems and the creation of executable applications from the BPMN process model.
Željko Dobrović, Ph.D
Works as an associate professor at the Faculty of organization and informatics in Varaždin (The University of Zagreb), with professional scope of interest in strategic planning and information system development, organization system management and organization performance measurement. He has worked in organizations of public and private sectors in the area of management, design and development of information systems. He is an author of about thirty scientific and expert publications from the mentioned area. 
Praveen Gupta
Author of ”Six Sigma Business Scorecard“ methodology; wrote a number of books on business innovations and business process improvement, including “Business Innovation in the 21st century”. Editor of publication “International Journal of Innovation Science“ and a consultant in about hundred companies. Gupta is a regular speaker at many international conferences and has been holding seminars worldwide for more than 20 years.  
Nikola Nikšić
Management advisor licensed by International Council of Management Consulting Institutes and authorized EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) Excellence Assessor. Most of his working experience he spent working in several organizations of different sizes on management positions for strategy, finances, accounting and controlling. 
Davor Pavuna, Ph.D 
Professor of physics with Ph.D in electronic features of amorphous metals. External associate of the Institute for physics in Zagreb. Co-organizer of about 20 international conferences and summer schools on physics. Advisor to a number of corporations worldwide. His bibliography encompasses more than 100 scientific works; he has edited about twenty expert books and has held more than 100 lectures from Cambridge and Harvard to Sydney and Tokyo. He regularly presides the world congress of nano engineering and new oxide technologies. 
Boris Sakač
Participated in implementation of information support of 15 Olympic games (from Moscow 1980 to Vancouver 2010). Today works as an advisor for IT International Olympic board of Lausanne. He has acquired extensive experience throughout his long-term career in IBM where he took part in a number of complex projects. He lectured in IBM school center in Radovljica.
Velimir Srića, Ph.D
Scientific advisor and regular professor at the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb, and since 1993 guest professor at the University of California in Los Angeles. Management and informatics consultant in a number of Croatian and international companies and advisor of the World Bank for Change management. He has published, independently or as a co-author, 47 books, over 240 scientific and expert works and about hundred articles and columns in popular magazines.
Diana Šimić, Ph.D
Works as an associate professor of post-graduate Ph.D study at the Faculty of organization and informatics in Varaždin, and has vast experience of working as a deputy state secretary in the Central state administrative office for e-Croatia and assistant to the Minister of science and technology in the Department of informatics. In the Institute for medical research and occupational health she ran the laboratory for biomathematics and was the head of the Unit for biomathematics. Author and co-author of 57 scientific works and 9 books, and has held more than 50 lectures on scientific and expert conferences and seminars.