ILBA 2016.

"For business academies the quality of students coming out of those academies is very important, as well as their value for the employer, their contirubution at work and the way they contribute to the overall economy. Business Academies are very valuable to the employers since they provide them with the information in its two-way communication about what kind of employees they will need in the future and what preferable competencies will be required. "

Hrvoje Balen, Member of the Board  at Algebra college

In the process of lifelong education basic knowledge are acquired at the universities and last for fifty years. Next degree is two-year MBA program of business schools which is an upgrade to the existing knowledge on the horizon of twenty years, and for practical skills there are academies like ILBA where in three to five months indivuduals acquire knowledge relevant for the next three to five years. An individual who has successfully completed such a program, becomes even more valuable to its company, but also in the labor market.