About us

Slavko Vidović,PhD, Professor,  director of  ILBA Institute

We believe that new ideas and business skills in the company will be applicable only if leaders and managers and workers are synchronously prepared and trained, and if they as a whole understand the importance of synergy and implementation of new knowledge at each job position.

ILBA programs include content for each of the above mentioned three target groups. Each program or training course cultivates platforms as follow: a platform of knowledge on the scale of the general theory of the business knowledge, the platform of the specific solutions on a scale of global solutions to the platform and solutions partner workshops and the platform of practice. This is exactly what gives us the basis for a belief in the slogan "Practice driven by theory“.

Each new day is an opportunity to disseminate knowledge and exchange experiences among all whose priorities are an efficiency and competitiveness of business. Integration of skills and knowledge of all actors involved in business processes is the critical success factor for business success. Leaders and managers, as well as workers, require new skills that need to be quickly implemented and applied. Just after few years, these skills need to be upgraded.

Rapid changes in external business environment, technology, business models and increased demands for the skills of individuals, initiate the new cycle of education. Our business academy, in particular, expands the knowledge for competitive advantage through new business models and ICT. Since labour costs in service providing companies make over half of the total company’s costs, our focus is on the effectiveness of the usage of manpower and technology. In this context, ICT solutions are often not properly implemented, and ILBA encourages better usage of those solutions.

Through seminars, workshops, roundtables, e-learning modules, ongoing conferences and visits of worldwide experts to our academy, we integrate knowledge and skills that enhance the workers and company value. "Practice driven by theory" approach results in new business models and gives synergy between business and science.

Acknowledging lifelong learning programs on universities and business academies, ILBA encourages their cooperation focused on program innovation, as well as development of Body of Knowledge with referent glossaries.
International cooperation on lifelong learning is ILBA's imperative. Our approach is openness with no boundaries as prerequisite for cooperation.
ILBA contributes to the values on all three levels of the society: individual, company and national level. The individuals develop their own careers, companies increase the competences and business values, and at the national level, ILBA's values contribute the synergy of science and business.

In the lifelong learning process fundamental knowledge is acquired at universities and remains valid for about fifty years; next level are two-year MBA business schools that enhance and expand the existing knowledge on the horizon of twenty years, whereas practice-wise competencies are developed at academies such as ILBA, where the know-how relevant for the next three to five years is obtained. An individual who successfully masters such a program becomes even more valuable to her/his company, as well as on labour market.
So, please, join us and become a member of the International Academy of Business Innovation and Leadership - ILBA, where you are offered the opportunity for professional and consistent development that is the imperative of the ever present globalization process.

We believe that you will recognize vital values for business development that ILBA provides. Based on “Practice driven by theory” approach, ILBA becomes a “public square“ where professors and practitioners proactively exchange knowledge and best practices.
Slavko Vidović, PhD, Professor