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5th "Ana in Town" Festival


The fifth jubilee ˝Ana in Town˝ Festival will be held on Dubrovnik’s beautiful open-air stages from June 18th to 21st. This year, all proceeds from ticket sales will be donated to Mara Maltarić, a local girl who has fallen ill and for whom all of Dubrovnik has rallied together to support.

ILBA Academy supports projects which connect history, art and the future. The City of Dubrovnik in addition to the city's rich cultural and historical heritage, has the potential to become what we now call "Smart City ", therefore the city that uses modern technology for sustainable development for the welfare of its citizens and numerous guests from around the world. 

Ana Rucner’s original project began in Dubrovnik in 2011, and this fifth year of the festival brings us five concerts during one weekend in June. The festival begins in Park Orsula on June 18th with ˝World Classics & Croatian Beauties˝, a modern performance on the electric cello accompanied by beautiful videos of Croatia.
Brilliant young musicians who enthusiastically embraced coming to Dubrovnik will already perform on the second day of the festival. Oliver Poole, a virtuoso pianist, will introduce himself to the Dubrovnik audience in Sponza Palace, and two temperamental Italians, Mario Stefano Pietrodarchi and Luca Luccini, a bandoneon player and guitarist, will perform a beautiful tango program in Rector’s Palace.
The last day of the festival, which is also World Music Day, will mark the most recognizable concert of the festival - ˝Welcome Summer˝ - a free concert beginning at 5.00 am in the Excelsa Amphitheatre. This year it is especially important for Ana, as she will perform in this concert with her mother, Snježana Rucner. The festival ends on Sunday evening with a concert in Marin Držić Theatre, during which the Mostar symphonists and Sarajevo rhythm section will perform on bouzouki and saz instruments while accompanying Ana. Expect a rich repertoire of film music from world famous blockbusters.